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I am having a problem in Outlook 2013 so an error message appears and does not want to open., Hello ! I really need your help. I opened an account in Outlook but I think it does not open correctly, and now whenever I click to open the application it shows the account that I created talking to check the name or something and when I click anywhere that is sending Outlook I opened a page speaking error and speaks some other things, says Outlook need is online, do not know what to do to access the program. He also says he can not open the program or anything. I want to know how it does to be able to delete the Outlook store or at least delete that account I did. And please somebody teach me to open an account correctly. Thank you, thank you in advance.

Hello, Alana Santos, how are you? Welcome to the Microsoft Community! About your problem I would like you to better detail the information. Did you create an account in Outlook.com or inserted an email account in the Outlook Office application? What exactly is the message that appears when you try to use Outlook? Pass as much information as you can. Below is a tutorial on how to create an account in Outlook.com and Outlook Office. Create an E-mail Account in Outlook.com: Create an Account Add Account in Office Outlook: How to Set Up an Internet E-mail Account in Outlook 2013 If the answer helped in any way, please check the answer if your doubt has not been solved, please post again. I hope I have helped, see you later!
I’ll send you a photo of what appears, these two images will appear. And it’s an Office program. it was like that so I clicked to open the Outlook application and I was filling in the data there after I finished it was that way I did not abi for anything, and I wanted to be able to say and erase his memory, to see if I can open an account. Not even without opening an account in it.
Hello, Alana Santos, how are you? The error message “Can not start Microsoft Outlook. Can not open Outlook window … “indicates that the program is trying to open in compatibility mode with another version of Windows and when trying to perform this routine it creates this behavior, as a solution I suggest that you disable Compatibility mode as the below. Disable compatibility mode. I suggest you go to the start screen type Outlook. Right-click Outlook and choose the Open File Location option. In the new window that you opened with Office applications, right-click on top of Outlook and choose Properties. Under Properties click the Compatibility tab and uncheck the Run this program in compatibility mode option and click OK. Test and see if the behavior repeats if you continue to perform the next procedure. Change key information Layers. The registry key is a very delicate part of the system so I suggest that before starting the procedure below perform a backup of the key as security to access the documentation below: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/ windows / back-up-registry