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hypertrm.exe Windows 10

I can not download wpp, – I want to know when I can have wpp dnv, qe **** 😒 this will be my last wp

Hello, Thaynaraandrade! 🙂 By “wpp” you mean the WhatsApp? Are you unable to download the application on your Lumia? Is there an error code? What is the model of your phone and with what software version is it? We need more details about your problem so I can help you effectively, okay? I await your answers! Hugs, Mayara
– so before I could get into the store and download some applications except whatsapp, now I can not anymore. This started last night, now the error appears 805a8011 model 530 8.1 please solve this, because this is embarrassing ‘-‘
Hello Thaynaraandrade This may be happening because of lack of space in your Lumia. Try backing up and deleting some files, such as photos and videos. Then try to sync your Microsoft account manually: Settings> Email Accounts> Long tap the Microsoft account> Sync. Also, make sure that your Microsoft account settings are correct and that the email is confirmed. If it still does not work, try accessing your Microsoft account from your computer and wi-fi network, create a new email account and add that account to your Lumia. Synchronize the created login and password. Try and then tell us if it worked for you. Hugs Alme