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List of photo and graphic captions, I have a problem in my list of subtitles: Image 10 – Casa do Antonio ……………………………. …………………….. p. 20 When I click on it it does not forward to page 20, it gives the path is my pen drive or computer. How do I do? Thank you!

Hi, Marcia_2016, how are you? Welcome to the Microsoft Community. I understand that you’re having problems with subtitles. I suggest you try the procedures below: Check the supplements. Press the Windows key R and type Winword / safe and click ok; Click on the file tab; Under File, click Options; In the Word Options window click on the Add-ins option; In the option View and manage Microsoft Office Add-ins, go to the Manage option and select the COM Add-ins option and click the IR Button; In the COM Add-in window, click Uncheck Add-Ins, and then click OK; Start Word in a normal way and see if the behavior repeats, if you continue, follow the next procedure. Note: If the above procedure works, it means that it is a supplement that is causing this behavior. Repeat the above procedure to activate the supplements one by one until you find the person responsible for the behavior and uninstall it from the control panel to prevent this from happening again. Disable compatibility mode. I suggest you go to the start screen type Word. Right-click Word and choose the Open File Location option. In the new window that you opened with Office applications, right-click on top of Word and choose Properties. Under Properties click the Compatibility tab and uncheck the Run this program in compatibility mode option and click OK. Test and see if the behavior repeats if you continue to perform the next procedure. Change key information Layers. The registry key is a very delicate part of the system so I suggest that before starting the procedure below perform a backup of the key as security to access the documentation below: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/ windows / back-up-registry