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Windows 10 – 100% Disk Consumed, After the last update of windows my PC has become very slow, almost impossible to open a browser, etc … When I open the Task Manager, in the performance tab, my disk appears as 100% use. I’ve tried some techniques but nothing solves it. Please, if anyone has any tips that can solve this problem, help me. Thanks in advance.

Hi, leonardofleischfresser, how are you? Thank you for contacting the Microsoft Community! Concerning your questioning. Follow the procedures below to see if the behavior still persists. Step 1: Disabling the Windows schedule can solve, follow the step-by-step: Press the Windows keys R Enter regedit confirm with Enter. Access the path: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE -> SYSTEM -> CurrentControlSet -> Services -> Schedule Change the registry value “Start” from 2 to 4. Restart your computer. With this, all scheduled Windows tasks will not run and consumption returns to normal. If the behavior persists, do the next procedure below. Step 2: Open the Control Panel search for Security and Maintenance then search for Maintenance and a click will open a few options for the Automatic Maintenance option if it is Enabled, Disable or click Change maintenance settings and disable or configure for automatic scheduling . If the behavior persists, do the next procedure below. Step 3: I suggest that you disable all third-party programs, that is, a clean boot, to verify that the behavior persists. For clean startup follow the steps below: On the Desktop, simultaneously press the Windows R keys to open the Run; On the Run type MSCONFIG and click OK to open the System Configuration; On the Services tab, check the Hide all Microsoft services option and click Disable All; Click Apply, and then click OK; Restart the computer. NOTE: This disables all third-party services and programs. You can later, if the problem is solved in this way, enable the programs and services that will be initialized with Windows, selectively, instead of keeping them all disabled. If the problem comes back after enabling the initialization of a specific service or program, the problem is exactly at startup of this software and it is recommended to remove it. Step 4: If the behavior persists, create a new user account and verify the behavior. To create a new account follow the steps below: Press the Windows X keys; In the options that appear, click on Command Prompt (Admin); In the Command Prompt enter the following lines: net user test / add (enter) net localgroup administrators test / add (enter) Enter the Test account and verify the behavior. If the behavior persists, display message or error code, please post here again. We are at your disposal. If this information was helpful, mark it as an answer. See you!
Hi Paul, The problem persisted. I’ve done all the steps you’ve told me, but the problem continues. 100% of the disc used. Any other tips? appreciate