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windows 10. update from June 2016. “Can not restore PC. A required drive partition is missing”, My Asus X450C notebook was working fine, in the most perfect order. After updating Windows 10 on June 27, 2016, it began to show quite slow and constant updates that took hours. It took more than an hour to start Windows when off as well. I got in touch with the support – over the phone, several times, as can be seen by the protocols provided in the consultations. With each search for support, the situation worsened. Today, in the extreme, my notebook starts in restore mode (only because it is with the ISO DVD, done according to the guidance of the attendants Bruno and Cleiton – https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10 – who verified that all the drives were present in the media). Today I was going straight into bios, but I was able, at the direction of the Last Attendant, to get Pedro. I can not perform system restore, not even with media, and displays the following message: “Can not restore PC. A required drive partition is missing.” Asus disclaims liability by saying that it is Microsoft’s fault. I asked for the call and the Asus clerk, who told me that he would need a court order to get the link with his comments about the problem and Microsoft (Asus Protocol – 877723 – July 27, 2016). Luckily, I’m a lawyer and I will not have much trouble if I have to. The penultimate attendant – Cledion – directed me to channel detail, after 1h16min on a call. He said I need a paid support to solve problems in the BIOS for the cost of $ 225.00. It turns out that my notebook worked perfectly before this update and I was not able to go back to the restore point at any time. I have been trying for a month the most friendly ways possible to resolve the issue, aiming at preserving the documents present in the equipment. I await a solution.

Hi JuArakaki, how are you? Welcome to the Microsoft Community. Your question is already being addressed. We are at your disposal. See you later!
Thank you, Valeria. I still have not gotten any response to Microsoft’s resolution of the issue. Asus sent an email saying there was no media supply and the partition was corrupted. However, the partition with all drives is present. I await the solution.
And I bring it to an end My X450C came with the original Windows 8 installed from the factory. I made the upgrade last year still for Windows 10, however, now with the birthday update, the procedure gives constant error. 0XC1900200 is what plagues me nowadays. What can I do?